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toe plates

When I first started Baxter & Black I wanted to reflect my passion for shoes and the repair of them in such a fashion as to be honest to my training and to be of a level that is transparent, if a a shoe uses pegged wooden nails in the heel block then I do the same.

Hence I spend a lot of late nights looking at all different aspects of shoe materials, because I am constantly looking for suppliers that reflect my commitment to my clients. And when I get excited about something it is because I can imagine the delight of my clients because they share that same passion. I am started to find it easier to tell .

You will understand my joy that I finally found a supplier for a solid brass nail that was suited to be countersunk into the heel block and can be used as a decorative pin around the toe. Other fun news was that I found a new supplier for sunken toe plates and will have more stock delivered in a few weeks. Huzzah.

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