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ophia Webster sole protector

Sophia Webster Casali nude mirror protective soles

We wanted to have as much bling on the bottom as it does up top on these Sophia Webster Evangeline heels. With this in mind, we chose the Casali nude mirror sole. These are the ultimate party shoe. Therefore, you want excellent wear and grip, so you might as well go for a Casali mirror sole. Having no garish logo, the nude mirror sole is a subtle way to shine.

Our Process

  1. To start off, we primed the surface of the nude gloss sole and left it aside to dry.
  2. We then did two layers of glue on the leather sole of the Sophie Webster shoes, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next layer
  3. We added our glue to the Casali nude mirror sole, the primer having had a chance to dry
  4. With both the nude mirror sole and the leather sole having had the glue dry sufficiently we then heat activated both surfaces and hand pressed them together and let them sit.
  5. We then trimmed the excess gloss sole and burnished the leather sole and nude mirror sole edge to seal the edges.
  6. Finally, we did a quick suede clean to the upper, using the Saphir Gommadin Medaille d’Or Suede Eraser.

Sophia Webster sole protector

Shia Webster protective soles

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