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Saphir Shoe polish on Meermin shoes

A good shoe care maintenance plan and Saphir Shoe Polish, will help you keep your shoes in the best condition. It will also help them survive the daily routine of wear. When these Meermin shoes came in, they had not only lost their lustre. They had also started to really suffer from the dreaded toe curl. Taking advantage of our premium care package, we were able to deeply nourish them with Saphir products. Additionally, we used Saphir cremes and polishes to bring them back to good condition. Further to this, we fitted some cedar wood shoe trees. The shoe trees eased the leather creases out and brought them back into shape.

Meermin is a great shoe offering and it is always a mix of distress and amusement that we get shoes to polish in this state. Ragged and worn as they looked, we knew there was a jewel under all that grime.

Our Process

  1. We took the laces out, gave them a quick brush down and a brisk once over with a damp cloth.
  2. Additionally, we also fitted some Saphir shoe trees to hold their shape while they were polished. 
  3. We set about with the Saphir Leather Lotion to ease off the harder grime and start nourishing the leather ready for polishing.
  4. With the leather lotion forming a nice basis of our shine, we applied a few layers of Saphir Creme 1925 in Light Brown to get things going. We then went on to apply base layers of Saphir Pate de Lux in Cognac.
  5. We developed a deep depth of colour using darker colour waxes as highlights around the toe and toe cap. 
  6. We then used the Saphir Pate de Lux in medium Brown, cut with water to start building a shine. Then finished with many light layers of neutral wax and water to bring out a high gloss mirror shine.
  7. With a high gloss achieved, we put the laces back in. We tidied up the leather sole edge using an edge iron and wax.








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Nathan Baxter

The greatest little shoe repair shop in Newtown. That also does the coolest things ever. Key cutting, Engraving, Watch Service, and leather work is just the start.

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