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Christmas Hours and beyond

Thanks for a wonderful 2018. Here are our hours around the Christmas period. 23/12 closed 24/12 9-5 25/12 closed 26/12 closed 27/12 9-5 28/12 9-5 29/12 9-5 30/12 closed 31/12…

By Nathan Baxter

December 21, 2018

Louboutin: Real vs Fake

With so many Christian Louboutin shoes being repaired at Baxter & Black, I often get asked how I can tell if they are real or fake. Here is a list…

By Nathan Baxter

August 18, 2018

Vintage camera bag restoration

Today we handed back a great item to one happy customer. A vintage camera bag that we had restored from an initial sorry state. looking pretty ratty and all that…

By Nathan Baxter

April 5, 2018

A bevelled waist

The last bastion of hand made shoes is certainly the bevelled waist and the fiddle back sole. Conjecture is rife as to the original function of the fiddleback, with most…

By Nathan Baxter

March 6, 2017

Workshop Update

Things have been pretty busy in the workshop with a whole lot of restocking going on. The Lulu and Triumph plates have been a big hit on the streets of…

By Nathan Baxter

June 21, 2016

An interesting road

When I first started Baxter & Black I wanted to reflect my passion for shoes and the repair of them in such a fashion as to be honest to my…

By Nathan Baxter

March 23, 2016

A night of polishing

Recently we held a little polishing circle at the studio with great results. The theme for the night was brushing up on skills and looking at the little rituals we…

By Nathan Baxter

March 2, 2016

Client Shoe Progress

The elves have been very busy setting the edges on this rebuild of a clients shoe. And now with hard wax, fire and some heated hand tools we have now…

By Nathan Baxter

February 16, 2016

I love old machines

I have a confession to make: I love old machines. It does not have to be machinery that specifically relates to shoe production (although that helps a lot). I think…

By Nathan Baxter

January 27, 2016

The process of patina

From a concept to outcome, one of the hardest things I have found to understand was the Art of Patina. This was partly due to the lack of shoes that are specifically…

By Nathan Baxter

December 15, 2015

All about laces

I have been somewhat fixated on laces. I typically steer towards the heavy wax variety in darker colours. However with the summer months, I am casting my gaze towards some…

By Nathan Baxter

December 9, 2015

Not that I am a hoarder

Every tool has it's place. There is a sense of quiet satisfaction looking across a full tool box with a heady selection of tools and other findings.

By Nathan Baxter

December 9, 2015

Polishing & Patina

We offer a premium service for polishing and patina. Usually this involves talking to the client about what colours and tones they would like on their shoes. Due to the…

By Nathan Baxter

December 9, 2015

Polish, Patina and Antiquing

So what is the difference? Generally, a Polish is where you use wax in the same colour as the shoe (and some neutral) to maintain a high shine on the…

By Nathan Baxter

November 30, 2015