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Baxter & Black

Beard Comb



The Baxter & Black Beard Comb provides the comfort of a wooden comb with the functionality of a fine and coarse tooth option. Perfect for use with beard oils and balms, this wooden beard comb will imbue itself, over time, with the scent of the beard products that you use.

At a handy size, the Baxter & Black Beard Comb can fit in any pocket and comes with a pouch so you don’t get any product in your pocket. Regular brushing stimulates follicles for growth and helps combat beard-druff. Being 100% polished sandalwood, there is also no static, so no snagging like with a plastic comb. Also, each tooth on it is individually saw cut and then polished. This process eliminates the jagged edges, and the result is a smooth combing experience.

What choose a beard comb over a plastic comb?

  • Firstly, Head hairs and beard hairs are very different. You need a comb whose teeth won’t bend in the courser beard hair. The teeth of the Baxter & Black beard comb cannot be moved easily with a finger, while this will happen constantly with a plastic comb.
  • Secondly, They are also cut by hand, and the goal is to avoid the rough edges. If the edges of a comb are not smooth, it will pull and tug your beard leading to breakage.
  • Finally, the Baxter & Black beard comb is beautiful
  • The only downside of these combs is that they’re not waterproof.

The technical stuff

  • Made from 100% polished sandalwood
  • Modest size to fit in any pocket
  • Two types of teeth for different beard types
  • Handy PU pouch to store comb in when not in use
  • 10cm long x 5.8cm wide x 0.8cm high (with pouch)

The Baxter & Black difference……

After some rigorous testing that involved me growing a great beard and using a lot of beard combs, very tiring let me assure you. We arrived, at what we feel, is the perfect beard comb. Small enough to fit in the hand and polished so there are no rough edges. A beard comb for all seasons.

Additional information
Weight 40 g
Dimensions 11 × 75 × 1 cm

Baxter & Black