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Blakesby Hats

Beige traditional handmade hat



Our Blakesby beige traditional handmade hat is by the award-winning Adelaide hatter, Blake ‘Blakesby’ Canham-Bennett.

Blake was interested in vintage and classic style from a young age. In his late teens, Blake discovered millinery and began making women’s hats including bridal and racewear.

His attention soon turned to traditional men’s hat-making. With no formal training available in Australia, Blake searched high and low for original texts. He also networked with international hatters. Soon after he travelled across America learning from hatters abroad.

It should be noted the burgundy traditional handmade hat is made from Australian-sourced rabbit fur felt. Whereas, wool does not match the quality.

Blake sources original vintage trims as they are original and are of a much higher quality to modern options. This means Blakesby hats are unique and age beautifully.

Being Blake a highly awarded hatter, but his designs have also been seen across the world. Besides Australia, countries include the United States, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland and even Siberia.

The technical stuff.

  • Made from Australian-sourced rabbit fur
  • Genuine, vintage trims to ensure quality and originality
  • One-off, unique item
  • Large size
  • Handmade in Adelaide.

The Baxter & Black difference…

Baxter & Black search for the finest artisans across Australia. With this in mind, Baxter & Black commission highly original pieces our client will treasure for a lifetime.

Additional information
Weight 400 g
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 20 cm

Blakesby Hats