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Boot Zipper Repair and Replacement

From $120.00

At Baxter & Black, we use the highest quality products for our boot zipper repair and replacement, to ensure the longevity and ease of use of your boots.
We stock a wide variety of zips by YKK and RIRI, as well as a range of hardware styles and colours. In addition, we stock nylon coil or metal tooth and even waterproof zippers. With this in mind, we can offer the ability to seamlessly replace like for like, or adapt to a colour scheme that you feel works best for you. In many instances, we can source a matching zipper from overseas or from specialist providers.
With a Baxter & Black boot zipper repair and replacement, you will notice that your boots will be comfortable and long-wearing.

The technical stuff

  • Prices start at $100
  • YKK or RIRI brand zippers
  • Wide variety of colours or hardware
  • Variety of sizes to match original zip
  • Nylon coil, metal tooth and even waterproof zippers
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The Baxter & Black difference…

At Baxter & Black, we pride ourselves on using the finest materials for our boot zipper repair and replacement. Most shoe repairers cut the old zipper out and sew the new zip behind, leaving the edges exposed. At Baxter & Black, we carefully unpick the broken zipper, as well as anything that may be covering the end of the zipper. We then sew a matching or better quality zipper and stitch through the old holes and into the lining. The finished product looks like new, but with a long-lasting zipper that shouldn’t fail.

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