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Camper Vibram Resole

From $250.00


When we resole a Camper style boot or shoe we bring it back to a point where it looks complete again. We use the Camper Vibram Vi-lite resole because they give a fantastic final look and are hard-wearing.

Vibram is the leader in soling technology and is used by a large variety of shoe brands as their sole of choice. Vibram one-piece soles are a natural choice for shoes and boots that need to be re-soled. Because they look great. A one-piece sole gives a complete look to a shoe or boot repair when you have to replace the whole sole. With no open edges, we forgo any problems with water getting into the boot. And it looks better.

These soles are made from Vibram’s Vi-lite compound that is great for durability, slip resistance and they are comfortable.

We want you to be able to go back and wear these boots or shoes exactly as you would when they were in their prime. There is nothing sadder than boots that are left in the back of the cupboard because there is a hole in the sole. Bring new life to your Camper boots or shoes so you can get the most wear out of them.

The technical stuff

  • A Camper Vibram Vi-lite resole is a quality one-piece solution that has long-term wear properties.
  • Blends in with the rest of the boot or shoe to give a complete ‘as new’ look.
  • Hard-wearing and anti-slip rubber compound, exclusive to Vibram.

The Baxter & Black difference……

We utilize an international network of suppliers, so we pick from a pool of quality components. This translates to a range of products that suit our ethos, that can be unique to us. When it came to finding the best resoling option for the Camper brand we chose Vibram.

Additional information

100 ml