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Cordovan Care Package

From $150.00

Because cordovan is very different from other leathers, it needs very specialised products to nourish and polish. At Baxter & Black, we utilise Saphir MDO products that are specially formulated for cordovan. Our cordovan care package is suited to rejuvenating your cordovan shoes and boots.
Cordovan is a membrane that is made from the rump of a Horse. It has a very dense fibre structure and during the tanning process, the cordovan is rolled over by glass cylinders that further compress the leather fibres. This provides cordovan with its unique deep gloss surface. Care must be taken to not use normal leather products on cordovan because the solvents in the products may affect the structure.

The Process

  1. To begin the cordovan care package, we brush down the shoes with a horsehair brush
  2. Apply a light coat of Saphir Renovateur in small circular motions and leave for a few minutes to dry
  3. Lightly brush
  4. Use a sleeking bone or Deer bone to flatten out the rolls in the vamp
  5. Apply light layers of Saphir Cordovan Crème. You can either use Neutral or find the closest colour match in the Cordovan crème range
  6. Use a lint-free cloth and use a circular motion to work it into cordovan
  7. Let the shoes sit for a little while and then brush off the excess
  8. After building up layers  of cordovan crème we can then use pate de lux to provide a higher shine
  9. Apply an initial layer of Saphir Pate de Wax in Neutral, then we apply consecutive layers cut with water to start building a high shine.

The technical stuff

  • Specific formulation for Cordovan
  • Neatsfoot oil-based
  • Able to bring up a deep shine that will last
  • Saphir range made in France.

Cobbler’s tip…

When cared for correctly, cordovan will last for years. The major focus for cordovan is to keep it nourished to avoid splits in the hide. Bi-monthly use of a Cordovan cream will keep your items in the best condition.

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