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Dainite Studded Sole

From $250.00

The Dainite Studded Sole and heel are well known to people who buy premium quality shoes and boots. Established in 1894 Harboro Rubber has been making Dainite soles for quite some time. We offer the British-made Dainite Studded Sole and heel in black and brown as a dress alternative to leather soles. Non-marking and durable, they are a classic choice for work and dress shoes. The Dainite sole answers formal needs with smooth rubber and practical needs with recessed studs that help the wearer grip to the ground. In addition, the simple composition of the sole made them easy to wipe down and less likely to track dirt. The recessed studs in the Dainite sole provide optimal grip in wet and blustery conditions making it the perfect sole for shoes and boot that might see a bit of action.

Our process

The technical stuff

  • Available in black and brown
  • Dress side profile
  • Non-marking
  • Made in Britain.

The Baxter & Black difference…

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