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Dr. Sole

SuperGrip Half Sole

From $250.00


Directed at the hardcore boot lover, the 8mm thick Dr. Sole SuperGrip Half Sole, has heritage boot written all over it. High-quality rubber is mixed with cork to provide extreme wear resistance and medium weight. Built-up toe and central extra grip ice lugs in the centre of the soles, means you get the absolute best soling option for boots.

Our process

In most cases, Baxter & Black fit the SuperGrip Half Sole in conjunction with a full leather sole.
Firstly, The SuperGrip Half Sole is a rubber cork mix and needs the surface to be ground so that it is fresh. Some manufacturers put products on the rubber surface to make sure the colour does not fade whilst in storage. Once the surface is freshly ground we wash it with acetone. This gets all the particulate off the surface as well as any grease. It also activates the surface for the glue.
Secondly, the shoe bottom is sanded to provide a fresh bonding surface. Once the acetone has evaporated, an initial layer of glue is put onto both surfaces and allowed to dry. The second coat of glue is then applied to both surfaces to allow for uniform coverage, allowing for the absorption of some of the glue by the material. Once the glue surfaces have cured they are then activated with heat and bonded together. They are left to sit until the glue has fully cured and then the edges are paired back with a knife and sanded to the welt edge, ready for welt stitching.
Finally, if fitting to an existing leather sole, we would utilise heritage boot techniques. We secure with screws and nails. This ensures a strong glue bond and the extra surety of screws and nails. A SuperGrip Half Sole cannot be fitted to an existing welt stitched full rubber sole. This is because the differences in flexibility of the rubber compounds will, over time, cause problems with bonding.

The technical stuff

The Baxter & Black difference…

The Baxter & Black team constantly search for the best products available worldwide. Dr. Sole is a relative newcomer to the sole-making game and is already giving the established brands a run for their money.

Additionally, to hold true to traditional methods and to fit our specific heritage machines, we have our own waxed right-twisted linen thread made to ensure the durability of the item. Other repairers use a standard PolyBraid thread. It looks different, it lays in the holes differently and it abraids quicker.

Being cognisant of the quality of the glues in the local market, Baxter & Black researched amongst their international contacts. They were able to identify the industry-leading glue. The chosen glue is from Germany and adheres in all environments. It has a range of two primers and hardener to be more flexible for use on different rubbers and well as heat and water-resistance. You can tell if a shoe is done by Baxter & Black, as the glue is clear, rather than yellow which is the cheaper generic brands.

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