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Dr. Sole

Washer Heel

From $100.00


The Dr. Sole Washer Heel is so named because they have metal washers in the nail holes. These hold onto the head on the nail and ensure the heels aren’t going anywhere. With this in mind, the Dr. Sole Washer Heel comes in black and red-brown (to match RedWing boots) and off-white.

The technical stuff

The Baxter & Black difference…

The Baxter & Black team constantly search for the best products available worldwide. Dr. Sole is a relative newcomer to the sole-making game and is already giving the established brands a run for their money.

Being cognisant of the quality of the glues in the local market, Baxter & Black researched amongst their international contacts. They were able to identify the industry-leading glue. The chosen glue is from Germany and adheres in all environments. It has a range of two primers and hardener to be more flexible for use on different rubbers and well as heat and water-resistance. You can tell if a shoe is done by Baxter & Black, as the glue is clear, rather than yellow which is the cheaper generic brands.

Additional information

Dr. Sole