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Baxter & Black

Flush-mounted Toe Plates

From $100.00

The main area of wear for most shoes is the toe. With this in mind, by fitting Flush-mounted Toe Plates, you increase the wear of your leather sole threefold. Additionally, because they are flush-mounted they make minimal to no noise.
With the interplay of leather, steel, and brass, these toe plates give a refined look to any shoe. They are best installed on Goodyear welted shoes and careful attention is paid to retain the integrity of the welt stitches. Specially imported brass screws are used in the installation of the flush-mounted toe plates. They screw into the leather, but unlike steel screws, they don’t rust and rot out the leather. Having toe plates installed ensures the longevity of your investment on Goodyear Welted Shoes. It is a discreet option that doesn’t mar the look of the shoe.

The Baxter & Black Process

  1. To start, we select the right sized toe plate for the toe shape of the shoe/boot
  2. After this, we mark out our graft line and cut the line with our shoe knife
  3. We pare away the leather so that the metal toe plate sits flush with the sole of the shoe.
  4. We glue the leather and the toe plate and then fit the toe plate and let dry.
  5. Once dry and fitted correctly in place we use our scratch awl and make guide holes for the brass screws down the holes in the toe plate into the leather.
  6. With the guide holes being done we screw the brass screws into the leather to secure the toe plate to the shoe.
  7. The edge of the toe plate is then shaped to the same contour as the leather sole. Finally, it is inked so that the leather sole edge is smooth and the flush-mounted toe plate has no knicks in it.

The technical stuff

The Baxter & Black difference…

By using glues that seal the leather and metal surfaces and by using brass nails, we reduce the possibility of rust and rot under the flush mounted toe plate.

Additional information

Baxter & Black