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Baxter & Black

Full Leather Sole

From $200.00


When it comes time to do a ladies full leather sole for your slimline-soled shoes, we offer a variety of thin leather soles that we can also colour match to the original sole. Tanned with the same oak bark tannage properties of our men’s leather soling, these JR soles provide a thin profile with excellent wear.

This means you can retain the same slim profile and comfortable feel of your shoe without having to put a thick sole on that feels heavier and isn’t as supple. Further customization can be done with the ability to spray the soles to a matching colour as per the original.

Putting a thin overlay sole in rubber on leather soles will increase the wear of the shoe. If you don’t wish to do that rotating the wearing of your shoes will increase the longevity of the leather sole.

Our process

  1. Importantly, we match the thickness of the new ladies full leather sole from the original, to retain the same silhouette.
  2. We colour match the sole colour (on request) and finish the leather sole edge in the appropriate colour.

The technical stuff

  • Oak bark tanned Jon Rendenbach (JR) leather
  • Slimline profile to maintain the look of the original shoe
  • Not heavy and stiff, so that it replicates the feel of the shoe
  • Made in Germany.

The Baxter & Black difference…

By using premium leather soling, we can restore your quality footwear to its best condition. Because the leather is oak bark tanned it provides the best wear resistance.

Additional information

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Baxter & Black