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Baxter & Black

Goodyear welted shoe recorking

From $100.00

Central to our resoling/recrafting service is our use of Goodyear welted shoe recorking. Cork is used under the footbed in Goodyear welted shoes to give shock absorbency. Using spreadable cork means we don’t change the shape of the footbed, so it retains user comfort. Recorking helps support the newly fitted replacement sole. Once a sole has worn out the cork needs to be replaced. By Goodyear welted shoe recorking, we take care of the hidden things that most other repairers don’t bother about.

Our process

  1. We ct away the original sole and unpick the old welt stitches. Importantly, we remove the old cork that is still holding on.
  2. After this, we inspect the underside of the footbed. This is to make sure the ribbon of the welt is still attached to the footbed. We also check that the shank is in good condition.
  3. We reglue it to the footbed if the ribbon has come away. Additionally, we replace the shank if it is broken.
  4. Along with that, we apply fresh cork to the underside of the footbed. It is moulded to an even surface of medium density.
  5. Finally, we apply two sealing coats of glue over the fresh cork, the welt edge and heel seat where we will bond a new sole.

The technical stuff

  • Included in all of our resoles
  • A renewable resource
  • Provides comfort and shock absorbancy
  • Minimal change to the footbed
  • To see some work done on a pair of Gaziano and Girling shoes, click here.

The Baxter & Black difference…

Our commitment to providing good quality repairs is growing our knowledge of how to do better. Using cheap foam insoles as a space filler or distorting the footbed by hammer cork sheet into the welt space is not something we wish to do. So we strive to achieve a better result for our customers and provide the best everyday solution for our resoling needs by using spreadable cork. Not only does it retain the shape of the footbed but it continues to mould to the wearers foot over time,

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