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Baxter & Black

Hand-Stitched Leather Keyholder



This hand-stitched leather keyholder is made from quality vegetable-tanned leather. It employs a hefty solid brass fixture. The leather has been barrel-dyed to get even penetration of the dye into the leather. Additionally, it has then been sealed to ensure that no dye comes off on your hands or clothing.

It features a herringbone style leather braid of 1cm thickness. This grip loop has a variety of uses from a statement piece holder for keys, a short halt lead for a dog, or a secure wrist strap for a camera.

The 5mm thick brass fixture will take a lifetime of punishment. It is secured in place on the loop with waxed linen thread, to keep it in position.

The leather braid of the hand-stitched leather keyholder is knotted into itself at the base. In addition, waxed linen thread is hand wound around the fixture to ensure the loop stays braided. It also holds the brass fixture in the correct position. During the winding of the linen thread, care is taken to wind with even tension. Consequently, this creates an appealing straight shaft. The wax on the thread heats up as it is wound and bonds together. The brass fixture uses an eye bolt to screw firmly in place so you can keep your keys, and other valuables firmly in place.

Made from quality components that will stand the test of everyday use and time. Designed to feel good and age well in a variety of fashion colours.

The technical stuff

  • Built to last
  • Easy on the hands
  • Unique look that will age and patina over time
  • Rugged brass fixture that won’t break

The Baxter & Black difference……

Building on the commonality of needs in what makes a great key ring or everyday holder we decided to employ hand making techniques to create a product that looks and feels good with the sturdiness to match. Our point of difference is using shoemaking techniques such as waxed linen thread and barrel dyed leather and bringing them into the everyday.

Additional information
Weight 35 g
Dimensions 26 × 7 × 2 cm

Baxter & Black

Leathergoods colour

Black, Green, Tan