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Baxter & Black

Recolouring Service

From $250.00

There are many reasons that Baxter & Black provide a handbag recolouring service. Our clients buy an item, such as a bag, with the expectation that it will be a staple of their wardrobe for the next decade. The reality is that they might be unaware of the damage being done. Additionally, they may not be informed of the best maintenance program to get the most out of it.
When Baxter & Black make a new, existing component or craft a new strap we have a range of leather we can source from that ensures we can match grain and colour. Using premium paint dyes with colour fastness, we can customize or bring to life a bag that has lost its colour or been damaged. And have the ability to colour match our paints to the original colour of your item. By using premium creams to nourish the leather of our favourite bags we help to prolong the life of the leather and maintain the colour of the item. We use, and recommend Saphir products.

The Baxter & Black process

  1. To begin the handbag recolouring service, we make an effort to clean all the surfaces of the leather. Additionally, we clean any leather handles and hardware.
  2. Next, with a bit of testing, we match the original colour of the bag perfectly. We use premium grade pigment dyes and sealers, so we are able to ensure our recolouring jobs are lightfast and permanent. This means that UV light doesn’t break down the colour. There is no risk of colours bleeding or fading. Baxter & Black are one of the few bag repairers that use an airbrush, which means the colour is perfectly even.
  3. To finish off, we nourish and protect the leather with Saphir Crème 1925 Shoe Polish.

The technical stuff

  • Prices start from $250.
  • Premium paints dyes with superior colour fastness
  • Custom colour matching ability
  • Click here to see an example of a Chanel bag re-colour.

The Baxter & Black Difference…

Baxter & Black is one of the few shoe repairers that use an airbrush to layer on the colour to ensure an even finish. We also use custom-made paint that we have tried and tested to ensure the best durability. Additionally, we use a sealant to lock in the colour.

Additional information

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