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James B. Young

Kangaroo Leather Belt



Behind every great product is a great story, and that’s exactly the case with Australian shoemaker James B Young’s Fat of the Land Camel Dubbin. James B. Young is an Alice Springs-based shoemaker and outfitter.

When James B. Young arrived in the Territory as a cameleer in 2004, he drew on his experiences making his own gear. Consequently, James commenced commercial production of camel saddles and pack gear to order. Like many before him, he drew from the Central Australian tradition of using pure, rendered hump fat on saddle gear and boots as the principal means to maintain their condition. While completing his cobbler apprenticeship, Young noticed a lack of quality Australian-made, animal-based leather nourishers on the market. Drawing on his background as an outback cameleer, he took things into his own hands. James developed Fat of the Land – a sustainably-made leather nourisher that holds up to world-class standards.

In addition, It is neutral in colour and can be used on a variety of leather goods, including equine saddlery and upholstered furniture. But if there’s any product that seems especially quenched after a dousing of Fat of the Land, it’s your most hardwearing pair of shoes.

How to use

  1. Best applied with a cotton cloth in light coats.
  2. Finally, leave the item somewhere warm to aid penetration

The technical stuff

  • Made in Central Australia
  • Crafted from Australian camel dubbin
  • Camel hump fat is renowned for its purity
  • Suitable for cooler and warmer weather
  • Can be used for leather shoes, furniture, bags, clothing… and saddlery!
  • Not suitable for suede or nubuck
  • Do not use excessive amounts as may cause undue softening and weakening of the leather
  • To see some of James B Young’s work, visit his site
  • Safe for use on cowhide
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  • 150 ml

Cobbler’s tip…

Apply sparingly, as a little dubbin goes a long way. Massage into your leather with a cotton cloth for a jaw-dropping, nourishing shine.

Additional information
Weight 160 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 4 cm

James B. Young

Leathergoods colour

Black, Medium Brown