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The Mails Shoe Care Co.

Horse Handcrafted Brush



The Mails Shoe Co. Horse Handcrafted Brush has been designed by the Japanese leather connoisseurs at Brass Tokyo. In addition to this, a master brush and broom maker in Sweden crafts these horsehair brushes and are the essence of world-class.

Each Horse Handcrafted Brush is hand-wound, meaning the bristles are attached by wire, not glue, making them much longer-lasting and secure. The Swedish makers’ vision is to revive the traditional brush binding profession. With this in mind, they make functional products that fuse great design with the quality of natural materials and the craftsmen’s solid technique. The manufacturers hire visually impaired craftsmen from different cultures to make the brushes according to old Swedish tradition. With this in mind, it brings a new dimension to the concept of sensitively and being made by hand.

The Mail’s Shoe Care Co.’s Horse Handcrafted Brush is crafted from 100 per cent equine hair, unlike nylon-haired brushes, which can scratch the leather’s surface. As a result, it’s the strongest of The Mail’s offering of three animal brushes. Furthermore, horsehair is trimmed from the mane or tail of a live horse. In addition, it must undergo preparation before it is ready to be used as a material for brushes. In short, the process involves washing, combing, boiling, drying, making into trusses and usually, dyeing.

How to Use

  1. Let the cream or wax has dry on your item
  2. Use the brush in a back and forward motion to obtain a shine.

The technical stuff

  • Lightweight timber handle
  • Made of 100% equine hair
  • Hand-wound with wire, not glued.
  • The strongest of ‘The Mails’ range
  • The brush is 160mm long
  • Designed in Tokyo, Japan
  • Made in Sweden

Cobbler’s tip…

After you’ve polished your shoes, the brush works as a buffer to give extra shine. Last but not least, working the brush in a gentle, circular motion will warm the polish and enhance the leather’s shine.

Additional information
Weight 140 g
Dimensions 16 × 7 × 4.5 cm



The Mails Shoe Care Co.