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Hand-Stitched Leather Luggage Tag



This hand-stitched leather luggage tag exudes style and detail with barrel-dyed leather and waxed linen thread stitching.

We have finely sanded all of the exposed leather edges, then shaped into a smooth edge. By sanding, all the grains in the leather line up. The sections of leather blend in to create a uniform edge. Additionally, we have burnished the edge using a notched piece of wood to a sleek shine so that no leather joins can come apart, or thread pulls out. As these are hand-stitched, the holes for the thread to go through on the luggage tag’s edges is punched using pricking irons. After this, the thread is feed through each individual hole back and forth with two needles. Consequently, the action of threading the waxed linen against each other in the hole makes the thread bond to each other making the stitch very strong.

In addition, being barrel-dyed, they retain the unique character of leather and will patina and age quickly with use.

The technical stuff

  • Full-grain leather construction
  • Hand saddle stitching using waxed linen thread
  • Being neutral in colour, it will patina with time
  • Burnished sealed edges
  • Maintain with Saphir Mink Oil.

The Baxter & Black difference…

This hand-stitched leather luggage tag will last a lifetime. With heaps of style and lots of handmade, focused character that will be a talking point. With this in mind, we have paid special attention to making sure that the edges on our luggage tags are sealed. This means that moisture and dirt will not readily find its way into the edges of the leather. Additionally into the waxed linen thread. Because most leather items fall apart from moisture getting into the grain of the leather or dirt wears through the thread our little tweaks mean you can be confident that our hand-stitched leather luggage tag will outlast many others.

Additional information
Weight 35 g
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 1.5 cm

Hare & Hounds