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Baxter & Black

New Bag Handle

From $150.00


When it comes time for a new bag handle come see us at Baxter & Black. We pay specific attention to matching the colour and feel of the leather. Making sure that the everyday use of your items means they remain visually pleasing. But also retains a pleasant tactile feel that enhances the pleasure of using your items once they have been recrafted by us.

As part of our work process, we unpick all areas we work on completely. This ensures a clean visual line of stitches.

Do a casual check of your items on a regular basis. This ensures you can catch any problems before they become big problems.

Our process

  1. We inspect the items and match the leather colour and grain closely to the new bag handle.
  2. If we cannot match the colour by working with our suppliers, then we can airbrush the colour in store.

The technical stuff

The Baxter & Black difference…

We work closely with our suppliers to provide our clients access to a large selection of leather and non-animal based as an integral part of the repair process.

Additional information

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