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Baxter & Black

Cotton Bag for Bags



The Baxter & Black pure cotton large bag is ideal for storing your tall boots and bags to protect from dust or damage. The pure cotton bag also protects your items against the sun or moisture. Consequently, the bag preserves your tall boots and bags, This means less cleaning as they are protected from dust.

This pure cotton shoe bag will fit a pair of tall boots or bag. In addition, we also have a smaller size to protect shoes and ankle boots. A drawstring secures the bag easily.

The Baxter & Black pure cotton large bags are manufactured to high-grade standard and controls and hand-printed locally.

The Baxter & Black pure cotton large bags are made to high-grade standard and controls. Additionally, the bags are all-natural, with no added chemicals. As a result, they are considered to be ‘food-grade’.

How to use

Polish your tall boots or bag and store in a flat position

Technical stuff

Cobbler’s tip…

For a signature scent, spray a piece of card with your favourite aftershave or perfume. Place in the bag for the leather or suede to absorb.

Additional information
Weight 860 g
Dimensions 35 × 120 × 100 cm

Baxter & Black