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Red Wing

Nitrile Sole

From $250.00

Providing grip and abrasion resistance, this Red Wing Nitrile sole will last a thousand miles. Cork nitrile is a rubber composite workboot sole that still has an exceptionally low profile. Mixing pieces of cork with the rubber saves some weight in the sole, without losing much in the way of durability. Cork soles usually lack a tread, so nothing you walk through will stick to your soles – including snow and ice suited to traditional boots, like Wolverines and Red Wings, the nitrile compound is very distinctive.

Our process

  1. Cut off the old sole and  remove the heel block
  2.  Clean out the old cork and check the condition of footbed
  3.  Sand and acetone clean Nitrile sole surface to be bonded
  4.  Unpick old welt stitches from the welt
  5.  Apply two layers of glue to Nitrile sole and allow to dry
  6.  Recork shoe and apply two layers of glue
  7.  Heat both glued surfaces to activate the glue
  8.  bond both surfaces with gentle pressure
  9.  Leave to cure
  10.  Trim to welt edge and welt stitch
  11.  Fine trim with sanding belt
  12.  Mark out the area where heel block will sit
  13.  Rough sand area and apply two layers of glue
  14.  Rough sand surface of the heel and apply two layers of glue
  15. Let both glued surfaces dry
  16. Place new heel into correct position and press to get the glue to hold
  17.  Use nails to secure heel block onto the boot
  18.  Sand excess heel off and shape
  19.  Seal open the welt edge with a neutral wax or gum tragacanth
  20. Apply Saphir Crème 1925 Shoe Polish to the welt edges, then hand burnish.

The technical stuff

Cobbler’s tip…

With it long wear qualities the cork nitrile sole is a natural choice for most boots and looks great welt stitched onto most common Boots like Wolverine 1000 mile boots and Red Wing.en burnish

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