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Baxter & Black

RM Williams Style Heel

From $55.00

When your RM Williams boots are getting worn at the heel, make sure to bring them in and get a new RM Williams Style Heel before you wear into the heel block. Using premium rubber heels that come from the original Australian RM Williams rubber manufacturer, we fit the heels and clean up the heel block to perfection. At the same thickness as the original heel, we provide these RM Williams Style Heels in black or brown that can match with your boots. The softer rubber provides a more comfortable heel strike, meaning you can walk comfortably all day with no foot pain.

The Baxter & Black Process

  1. We remove the old rubber heel. After this, we remove any old glue by rough sanding.
  2. Importantly, we check the balance of the boot. We sand the heel block so that heel block and new rubber heel sit correctly
  3. To guarantee a fresh surface, we sand the rubber heel on the surface that will be glued.
  4. We clean the freshly sanded surface with acetone and then glue it. Additionally, we glue the surface of the rubber heel block and is put aside to dry. We then check if both surfaces have good coverage of glue.
  5. We add more glue if required.
  6. Both surfaces are left to dry and then heat activated.
  7. With both surfaces heat-activated they are then pressed together and set aside to cure.
  8. We cut off excess rubber heeling and then the whole heel block and the rubber heel is finely sanded.
  9. We apply the correct edge paint to the heel block and heel
  10. Finally, we polish the heel block and heel and seal with Saphir Pate de Luxe in Neutral.

The technical stuff

  • Comes in black or brown
  • Long-lasting
  • Provides comfort
  • Matches perfectly to the RM Williams boot
  • Made by the original Australian manufacturer.

The Baxter & Black Difference…

Baxter & Black decided to source products from the original Australian RM Williams sole maker. With this in mind, the product is up to the quality of the original RM Williams boots.

Additional information

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