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Baxter & Black

Boot Gussets

From $150.00

The RM Williams boot elastic will tend to expand and fail over time, leaving your boots slopping about when you walk. By using high-quality boot elastic when we replace the panels, we can bring your boots to back to life. By using the correct boot elastic you can keep on wearing your boots for years.
We use a template to match up the RM Williams boot elastic to the size of what they are when new. This means that the elastic is the same dimensions for each panel and it will feel the same as when you first bought them.
When it comes to caring for your boots in future. By using a shoehorn you can impede the stretching out of boot elastic and also stop the back of heel counter collapsing as you try and put our foot into the boot.

Our process

  1. Firstly, we unpick the old thread.
  2. Once done, we clean out all the old glue from the inside lining
  3. Then, we glue the new elastic into place
  4. Finally, we stitch both sets of stitch lines with the correct colour of thread, making sure to go through the old holes.

The technical stuff

  • Price is for all four gussets
  • Specialist machinery
  • High quality elastic
  • Black or brown available

The Baxter & Black Difference…

At Baxter & Black, we pride our work on looking ‘as new’. Unlike other shoe repairers, we remove all the spent thread and stitch through the old holes. We also do two rows of stitching, rather than one. By stitching through the old holes, the leather will not deteriorate and break as happens when repaired by many other repairers. Our work is guaranteed, we cannot guarantee work if the RM Williams boot elastic has already been incorrectly repaired by other repairers as the leather will fail.

Additional information

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