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Saphir Nappa Cream



Saphir Nappa Leather Cream is a very gentle cream delicate leathers, such as goatskin, veal and box calf. Its ingredients include jojoba oil and wheat protein and doesn’t contain any solvents, which could damage more delicate leathers. Saphir Nappa Leather Cream preserves the finish and appearance of Nappa leather and provides an in-depth clean, condition and nourishment.

Known for its supple softness, Nappa leather It is full-grain, smooth leather. It is a generic term in the leather field and has no distinct test for characterisation. Among other uses, napa leather is often used in leather products such as furniture, clothing, handbags, and shoes. The leather is named after Napa, California, where the process of making Nappa leather was created by Emanuel Manasse, a German tanner working for The Sawyer Tanning Company. Originally, Nappa leather was used for gloves and clothing.

How to Use

  1. Firstly, remove any dust or dirt from leather with a cloth
  2. Secondly, apply the Saphir Nappa Leather Cream sparingly using either an applicator brush or applicator cloth
  3. Thirdly, let the cream dry for 5 minutes
  4. Finally, polish with a soft cotton or wool cloth

The technical stuff

  • Contains jojoba oil and wheat protein
  • Does not contain any waxes
  • It will not alter the appearance or the finish of the leather
  • For use on delicate leathers, such as goatskin, veal, and box calf
  • Made in France.

Cobbler’s tip…

Ideal for cleaning and nourishing quilted Chanel handbags and purses.

Additional information
Weight 210 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4.5 cm