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Saphir Reptan Conditioner



For the polishing of snake, crocodile and lizard skins, look no further than Saphir Reptan Reptile Leather Conditioner Cream. It is designed to condition the more ornamental hides that make up your leather collection.

Saphir Reptan Reptile Leather Conditioner Cream is a unique combination of hard waxes and lanolin oil. Unlike regular creams and polishes that tend to be too rough on a scaled surface. In addition, the lanolin nourishes the skin to minimise cracking. Meanwhile, the wax coats the surface with a protective layer, without leaving any unwanted residue in or around the textured grooves. Any other shoe polishes, including too much use of traditional wax polish, may cause the scales to become clogged and affect the colour of the skin.

How to use

  1. Gently clean the skin with a damp chamois
  2. Using the chamois, use circular motions to gently rub in the leather conditioner
  3. Leave to dry and buff off with a horsehair brush. For a more thorough conditioning treatment, leave on and store.
  4. If a higher-gloss shine is desired than the one produced with the Reptan, then a very small amount of neutral wax polish can be used.
  5. If storing for long periods of time, store in a cotton shoe bag to prevent collecting dust and dehydrating the leather

The technical stuff

  • Crafted from a hard wax and lanolin formula
  • Includes 50ml bottle and application and buffing cloth
  • Specifically engineered for use on textured reptile skins
  • Does not leave residue
  • Double action; works to nourish and protect
  • Visit our Before & After page to see our work on a vintage crocodile leather bag
  • Made in France
  • 50ml

Cobbler’s tip…

Using a barely-damp chamois cloth, massage Saphir Reptan Beauty Milk into the skin in a clockwise motion. Leave to dry and buff with the Saphir Crepe Brush for ultimate shine.

Additional information
Weight 155 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 72 cm