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Saphir Travel Shoe Horn



The Saphir Small 10cm Shoehorn is easily manageable and is beautiful to hold. Made of real horn it is very strong and importantly thin at the end for inserting in your shoes. The compact size of 10cm means it easily fits into luggage or sock drawer. The Saphir Small Shoehorn should be a daily ritual and last a lifetime.

Shoe horns are not just useful at easing your foot into a tight shoe, they are also useful at preserving your favourite shoes. When putting on your shoes, you may notice the tightness and will feel it in your heels. However, likewise, your heels are damaging your shoes. Using a shoehorn will make the process more seamless which is good for both you and your shoes. A shoehorn is just as important as shoe trees in maintaining your shoes.

The Saphir Small 10cm Shoehorn is ideal for those who prefer to sit down when putting on their shoes. A longer shoehorn is needed if wanting to put on shoes while standing.

How to use

  1. Sit down on a chair or stool
  2. Position your shoehorn so the scoop is upwards and facing your heel
  3. Slip your foot into the shoe
  4. Remove the shoehorn when your foot is fully in the shoe.

Technical stuff

  • 10cm long
  • Ideal for putting on shoes while sitting down
  • Prevents damage to the heel of your shoe
  • Made of real horn
  • Made in France.

Cobbler’s tip…

Use a shoehorn to preserve the backs of your favourite shoes.

Additional information
Weight 22 g
Dimensions 11 × 50 × 1 cm