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Saphir Suede Crepe Brush



The Saphir Suede Cleaning Crepe Brush is designed for use on suede and nubuck. With this in mind, the handsome wood-handled brush is essential in the shoe care kit of any regular polisher.

With bristles made from soft crepe (natural rubber), it’s extremely gentle-going on soft surfaces, leaving them clean but never damaged. It is especially useful to remove soiling and stains in suede and nubuck, restoring them back to the original finish. If you’re looking to return volume to your suede, this is the tool for you. The Saphir Suede Cleaning Crepe Brush is recommended for delicate suedes over the aggressive nature of brass suede brushes.

Furthermore, the brush crafted with high-quality, hand-polished Bubinga wood. In addition, it uses 100% natural crepe rubber, with a natural ability to be sticky and flexible.

The Saphir Suede Cleaning Crepe Brush should be your first tool that comes to mind when cleaning suede, nubuck or imitation materials. It can also be used on shoes, clothing and leather goods.

How to use

  1. Brush your item as normal, the dirt will be removed with minimal effort by the stickiness of the crepe. Use soft pressure as to not damage the crepe.

The technical stuff

  • Suitable for daily cleaning of suede, nubuck or imitation shoes
  • Best used at room temperature so the rubber is stickier
  • Do not store in a cool space as it will affect the efficiency of the rubber
  • Over time, the brush will accumulate dirt and colour, this is normal and will not affect the functionality of the brush
  • To clean the crepe brush, simply use a cloth to remove excess dirt
  • To see suede cleaning work we have done, visit our Before & After page
  • Made in France.

Cobbler’s tip…

Use a gentle circular motion with the same force as you would use brushing your teeth.

Additional information
Weight 65 g
Dimensions 124 × 45 × 20 cm