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Baxter & Black

Stiletto Metal Heel Tips

From $60.00

One of the first items that Baxter & Black started importing was stiletto metal heel tips. Metal heel tips are common in Europe as they are the only heel tips that can withstand walking on cobblestones for long periods of time. They also make the click, clack sound when you walk.
Stiletto metal heel tips look similar to normal heel tips, but keep their shape and last for years. Importantly, they must not be worn on wooden floorboards. With this in mind, they are perfect for a workplace or home with carpet or concrete flooring.

Our process

  1. We use our size guide to find the correct stiletto metal heel tip to use
  2. After selecting the right size we take the off the old heel tip
  3. Using our pin removal tool to extract the heel pin without damaging the heel block or heel block leather covering
  4. We clean the area and make sure that the heel tube we will place metal heel pin into is free from obstruction
  5. We place the metal heel tip into the heel
  6. Finally, we lightly hammer it into place until it sits flush with the top of the heel block.

The technical stuff

  • Specifically made for stiletto heels
  • Extremely hard-wearing
  • Do not wear on wooden flooring
  • By undertaking this service Baxter & Black takes no responsibility for any damage done to wooden flooring.
  • We also carry the flex pin heel tip in our range
  • Made in Europe.

The Baxter & Black difference…

Other shoe repairers use mass-produced plastic heel tips that are designed to only last a few wears. This means constantly having to come back to get them replaced. The original heel tip on shoes are also usually of a lower standard and do not last long. Baxter & Black sources the highest quality plastic and metal heel tips that will last much, much longer than generic heel tips.

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