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Flex Pin Stiletto Rubber Heel Tip

From $50.00

The flex pin stiletto rubber heel tip is the highest tech product for fine stiletto heels. The flex pin gives greater ease of fitting on stiletto heels and provides tighter lock into the metal tube that runs through the stiletto heel. Routinely shoe repairers use incorrectly sized heels that don’t fit properly and sand them down to size. Made specifically for thin stiletto heels, the flex pin rubber heel tips come in a range of small diameters. By not sanding them to size, we can give you back heels that don’t have rough edges and will last longer. Cheaper rubber heel tips routinely have air pockets in the rubber. The flex pin heels we use are x-rayed, as part of the company’s QC, to make sure they don’t have any air pockets.

Our process

  1. We use our size guide to find the correct flex pin stiletto rubber heel tip to use
  2. After selecting the right size we take the rubber off of the rubber heel tip that is currently in the stiletto heel
  3. Using our pin removal tool to extract the heel pin without damaging the heel block or heel block leather covering
  4. We clean the area and make sure that the heel tube we will place the flex pin heel into is free from obstruction
  5. We place the new flex pin heel onto the heel block. Carefully we position the flat section of the heel in line with the tail of the sole of the shoe
  6. Finally, we lightly hammer it into place until it sits flush with the top of the heel block.

The technical stuff

  • Specifically made for stiletto heels
  • Hard-wearing and strict quality control
  • A large range of sizes
  • We also have the generic heel tip in our range
  • Made in Italy.

Cobbler’s tip…

With the extra pressure and forces that stiletto heels take, it is always best to not leave a worn heel for too long. The cost of a new heel tip is negligible compared to the cost of recovering a pair of heels.

Additional information

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