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Suede and Leather Dyeing

From $150.00

Suede and leather dyeing can breathe new life into an old pair of shoes or boots.
Over time, suede and leather tend to blanch if we don’t take adequate care of them. Suede can become uneven, smooth and patchy and is especially susceptible to fading from sunlight, or damage from rain. Leather can become dry and brittle if not conditioned regularly or stored properly.
Fortunately, using suede and leather dyeing, we can bring them back to their original colour, or we can change the colour of an item to match your current taste. At Baxter & Black, we use Saphir Teinture Francaise to get the best possible outcome. We also hand-mix colours to ensure an exact match. From dyes and paints, we focus on top quality colourfast products and use sealants to lock in colour. Grading of colour is enabled by us using an airbrush delivery system.
After Baxter & Black finish the suede and leather dyeing process, they will let you know the best way to care for your item to ensure the longevity of the dye. We highly recommend storing n their box, or in a Baxter & Black pure cotton shoe bag.

The technical stuff

  • High pigment dyes
  • Colourfast technology for long term colour stability
  • Custom colour mixing
  • Airbrush delivery meaning a higher quality finish.
  • To see an example of suede dye, visit our Before & After page.
  • To see an example of leather dye, visit our Before & After page.
  • Made in France.

The Baxter & Black difference…

The team at Baxter & Black have spent years perfecting the most suitable way to do suede and leather dyeing. Suede, in particular, is difficult as it is time-consuming to bring back to its original texture. After a thorough clean, we begin the dyeing process by mixing six base colours from the Saphir Teinture Francaise range. We often use an airbrush to ensure even coverage and grading of colour.

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