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Baxter & Black

Handbag Lining Replacement

From $250.00

Utilising fabric or leather materials, we can do a Designer handbag lining replacement. We reinsert existing brand labels and zips to create a seamless refresh of the inside compartment of your bag.

Our Process

  1. With the client, we decide the new colour of the designer handbag lining replacement. In some cases, we will choose a more durable fabric, so it will last longer.
  2. We unpick all the stitching, being careful to take out any zips, branding or hardware that needs replacing.
  3. Using the old inner lining as a template, we cut out the new fabric to size.
  4. We stitch the pockets and zips onto the lining.
  5. Carefully, we re-install the original branded leather pieces over the top of the new inside pockets, ensuring we stitch through the original holes.
  6. Before installing the new lining into the bag, we clean the inside of the bag.
  7. We install interfacing in between the bag lining and bag outer.
  8. We fit the new lining in the bag, making sure all edges are tucked and not visible. This includes turning seaming around the zipper.
  9. With a custom-colour edge-paint, we touch up any damage to the edge-paint.
  10. With the lining in place, we then focus on cleaning and nourishing the outer leather of the bag. Using the Saphir Medaille d’Or Mink Oil Lotion we are able to clean and nourish the bag.

The technical stuff

The Baxter & Black difference…

Baxter & Black strives to make the bag look like new. This includes removing any internal branding and reattaching by stitching through the old stitch holes. We also search for te exact colour and material of hardware and usually source internationally.

Additional information

Baxter & Black