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Dr. Sole

Strider Sole

From $250.00

The Dr. Sole Strider Sole is available in off-white and a black. It is a ripple style sole that is an exciting way to liven up sneakers, moccasins, or outdoor boots. With plenty of grip combined with a low profile, it means the Dr. Sole Strider Sole can either be used in two ways. Either put on as a wedge or fitted as a standalone sole. The forepart of the toe is left plain to allow for ease in walking and sawtooth ripple sole provides great support through the foot. In addition, it provides excellent traction by having the backward and forward-facing lugs of the sole. With this in mind, it is perfect in an active sports environment. The off-white colour and the black colour sole provide a great way to dress up a pair of shoes. Additionally, the Dr. Sole Strider Soles works incredibly well when fitted to low profile sneaker soles.
These Dr. Sole Strider Soles also come in a special edition version of the off-white version sprinkled with coffee grinds and the black version with hemp cord.

The technical stuff

The Baxter & Black difference…

The Baxter & Black team constantly search for the best products available worldwide. Dr. Sole is a relative newcomer to the sole-making game and is already giving the established brands a run for their money.

Being cognisant of the quality of the glues in the local market, Baxter & Black researched amongst their international contacts. They were able to identify the industry-leading glue. The chosen glue is from Germany and adheres in all environments. It has a range of two primers and hardener to be more flexible for use on different rubbers and well as heat and water-resistance. You can tell if a shoe is done by Baxter & Black, as the glue is clear, rather than yellow which is the cheaper generic brands.

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Dr. Sole