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Rick Owens Shoe Resole

Rick Owens Shoe Resole using the Dr. Sole Strider sole

This Rick Owens shoe resole and repair shows the type of work and process we do when we receive white-soled shoes. In this case, these Rick Owens leather sneakers were definitely worse for wear and needed a clean-up, new stitching as well as new sole. 

Our Process

  1. The first step in the was to sand back the tread on the bottom of the sole.
  2. After this, we cleaned the freshly sanded surface with acetone.
  3. Once the sole surface was clean and dry, we identified what type of rubber it was and applied the primer to the surface.
  4. When the required time had passed, we applied the first layer of glue and let dry.
  5. Next, we sanded the surface of the Dr. Sole Strider sole we were going to bind and washed it in acetone.
  6. We applied a second layer of glue to the sneaker sole, paying attention to getting a uniform layer of glue along the sole edge.
  7. Additionally, we applied two layers of glue to the strider sole, allowing appropriate drying time between each application.
  8. After both sides had been sufficiently covered in glue we heated the glue on both surfaces to activate. We firmly pressed them together by hand with a shoe form inside the sneaker, to maintain shape.
  9. Paying special attention to edge adhesion, we let the shoe and attached Dr. Sole Strider sole to sit overnight.
  10. The sole was trimmed and sanded to match the edge profile of the shoe.
  11. We then airbrushed the toe puff with colour-matched paint.
  12. Finally, the last step in the Rick Owens Shoe Resole was cleaning the black leather upper and nourished with Saphir Medaille d’Or Mink Oil Lotion and then polished using Saphir Black Creme 1925 Shoe Polish.










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