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Baxter & Black

Hand stitching leather and fabric

From $50.00


At Baxter & Black, we focus on the ability to do things by hand and we provide ourselves on our Hand stitching of leather and fabric. Utilising linen and waxed threads in a large range of colours means we can accommodate any repair. We are able to match original thread colours. Additionally, we will restore your items as genuinely as possible. Remaining true to how they were originally made.

Threads benefit from being kept clean. On items like shoe products like dubbin can build up and abraid threads. Getting rid of excess products helps the longevity of thread.

Our process

We stock a wide range of threads and we try and match thread for thread, to provide a seamless repair.

  1. Firstly, we inspect and identify the tread needed to suit
  2. Secondly, we provide a selection of threads to choose from, for the client
  3. Most importantly, we explain the process we will be using to the client

The technical stuff

  • Prices start at $50.
  • A large array of colours to match our hand stitching of leather and fabric
  • Ability to use a range of hand sewing techniques to achieve a complete repair
  • For an example of hand stitching to match the original, see our Goyard bag repair

The Baxter & Black difference…

With a wide knowledge and selection of threads, we provide our expertise in recrafting items to their original condition. We show a clear understanding of the client’s need before providing an example to the client so they have a good understanding.

Additional information

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