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Goyard tote strap repair

Goyard Tote bag strap replacement

When a Goyard Saint-Louis tote came in, we were both mystified and mortified. Someone had chosen to try and fit a roughly cut black leather as replacement handles. Our aim was to do a Goyard tote strap repair that was harder-wearing than the original.

Our Process

  1. To start the Goyard tote strap repair, we carefully unpicked the old handle in order to not damage the Goyard tote fabric. Unfortunately, the last repair had done some damage to the bag fabric and would need to be covered and secured.
  2. At this time, we also sourced the Goyard yellow leather to match the Goyard brand colour and texture. Importantly, the leather had to be hard-wearing and high-quality.
  3. After consulting with our Italian rubberised edge-paint partner, we were able to also colour match the famous Goyard yellow edge-paint.
  4. We then recrafted new leather handles and coloured and edge-painted them in the Goyard signature colour.
  5. After finishing all the edges, we used polished linen thread by Fil Au Chinois to stitch the handle edges and attachment. When stitching on the handles, we made sure to cover the stitch holes from the previous repair. This included covering the inner and outer of the bag.
  6. The final stitching was done by hand to replicate the original design. 
  7. Finally, we cleaned and polished the body of the bag using Saphir Nappa Leather Balm, so as a whole, it looked brand new.
Designer handbag repair
Designer handbag repair
Designer handbag repair
Goyard tote strap repair
Goyard tote strap repair
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