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Baxter & Black

Handmade Luggage Equipment

From $150.00


Some pieces for bags and luggage cannot be sourced, so we have the ability to make handmade luggage equipment in-house. Utilising a large variety of leather, specialist machines, and threads suited to hand stitching, we can create or re-create handles to fit onto your treasured luggage. We aim to make the new equipment more hard-wearing than the original, so it will last.

Using a nourishing cream like Saphir Mink Oil on your leather items, even luggage, will feed the leather and extend the life of pieces. Over an extended period, dirt and grime will degrade thread and dry out leather. Keeping your items clean will mean they maintain their integrity for a longer period.

Our process

  1. To begin to make the handmade luggage equipment, we source best matching leather and thread
  2. Next, we construct and assemble new base pieces
  3. Finally, we assemble overlay pieces and hand stitch together

The technical stuff

  • Prices start at $150, email for a quote.
  • Having the expertise we can use hand stitching or machine stitching to achieve the best results for your items.
  • A modest selection of threads means we can use the best-suited thread for the job.

The Baxter & Black difference…

Utilizing our knowledge of leather-working techniques we can construct and assemble pieces to integrate into your treasured items.

Additional information

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Baxter & Black