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Baxter & Black

Heel Tip Replacement

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Stiletto heels need to be fitted correctly to guarantee long wear. With that in mind, we stock a large variety of heel tip replacement sizes. Consequently, this means we can fit the correct heel onto your heels, most times with no need to sand them to shape.

What this means is you get a better finish and they will last longer. We specialise in thin stiletto heels, whilst most people sand down larger sized heel tips we stock Flexpin heels made for designer heels such as Louboutin heels.

If you periodically check the heels of your shoes and get them replaced before it wears through to the metal pin, you will get a better level of repair.

Our process

  1. By stocking a large variety of rubber heel tip sizes and metal pin sizes we can choose the appropriate heel tip replacement that best fits your shoes
  2. We gently remove the old tip
  3. If needed, we clean up the actual heel and fix any damage
  4. The new heel tip is placed into the heel. As it is the correct size, it should not need sanding. Other shoe repair shops will use a generic sized heel tip that needs to be sanded and may damage the leather or fabric.

The technical stuff

  • A large range of sizes to fit most size heels
  • High-quality heel tips made in Italy
  • Different pin sizes to fit correctly into the heel block
  • Come in a variety of colours to match original
  • To see an example of our heel tips, see our work on a pair of Christian Louboutin heels.

The Baxter & Black difference…

By stocking a large collection of heel tips we don’t cut or grind down the heels to fit. This increases the wear of the rubber tip and also makes them look far more presentable.

Additional information

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Baxter & Black