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Christian Louboutin protective sole

Christian Louboutin red sole protector

Our client wanted to have a sole that blended in with the rest of the Christian Louboutin Red Soles. Our sole protectors are the exact same colour and texture as the Christian Louboutin signature sole. Plus, they will always stay red.

The customer highlighted that the Minuit Moins red sole that had initially been fitted was a bit too thick. The colour also wasn’t to their liking. We chose the Casali Mirror Sole Protector in red. It is a thin sole with anti grip properties that won’t affect the balance of the shoe.

Our Process

  1. The shoe already had a sole overlay fitted, so we chose to set our graft line a bit further back.
  2. Gently, we de-activated the glue that held the existing red rubber sole and peeled it off. We made sure there were no bumps or ridges on the area we were fitting the new Christian Louboutin Red Soles.
  3. Using our L’indispensable knife we paid extra attention to achieve a sharp edge line on the sole edge. We cut into the original leather sole, to the correct depth for the new sole. Importantly, the sole protector has to sit flush with the leather sole.
  4. We applied shoemakers tape to the edge of the upper. It needed to be close to the leather sole edge to guard against any glue getting onto the upper.
  5. Next, we applied two layers of glue to the leather sole. 
  6. Then we applied a special priming layer to the red gloss sole. Additionally, we applied a second layer of bonding glue
  7. After all of the components have cured we heat activate all the surfaces and we fit the red gloss sole edge into the groove in the leather sole we had made with our knife.
  8. With great precision, we folded the red mirror sole onto the leather sole. Then, we used hand pressure to ensure a complete old. Finally, we left them to cure.
  9. We carefully hand-trimmed and lightly sanded the edges.
  10. Additionally, we applied a layer to the edge of the leather sole to seal and burnish the edges to make water-resistant.
  11. We removed the worn rubber heel tip off the hell and a new heel tip was selected. With this in mind, we use the specific split pin-style heel tips employed by Louboutin, stocking all sizes. This means there is no heel tip sanding needed to make it the correct shape.
  12. A final polish of Saphir Vernis Rife is used to polish the patent leather upper.
Christian Louboutin protective sole
Christian Louboutin protective sole

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