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Baxter & Black

Purse Restoration

From $150.00

Designer and vintage items don’t need to be thrown into the scrap bin. At Baxter & Black, we can do a purse recolour and restoration. Some items need a bit more than, just a little love. Thankfully we have the expert knowledge to provide realistic expectations and a breakdown of how we can restore items in an understandable fashion. Sourcing specialist edge paints from Italy and using specialist sewing machines we can advise you on how best we can recraft your beloved items.

Our process

  1. To start our purse recolour and restoration process, we clean the purse of all dirt and unpick any old stitching.
  2. After cleaning the surface, we select what machine to use. We usually use the vintage Singer roller foot machine. The roller foot applies constant gentle pressure whilst sewing. It cannot scratch the surface of the leather, like a regular walking foot patcher sewing machine, that most other repairers use. We then set our machines to a stitch that would match the old holes.
  3. We select a matching colour, texture and thickness of thread, then very carefully stitch through the old holes as to not damage the fabric.
  4. Carefully, we remove all of the worn edge-paint and finely sand the edges.
  5. With a special edge paint applicator, we apply an initial sealing coat and then slowly build up layers of edge paint (sanding each success layer to build a consistent edge) with a custom colour-matched edge-paint.
  6. In regards to any worn colour, we use an airbrush to evenly paint the surface.
  7. Finally, we use a sealant to lock in the colour and make it more hard-wearing. We then apply a nourishing coat of Saphir 1925 Creme in Neutral.

The technical stuff

  • Premium Saphir products used that nourish and restore leather
  • Rubberized edge paints sourced from Italy
  • Expert advice and a clear understanding of how work is undertaken
  • For an example of a Louis Vuitton purse restoration, click here.

The Baxter & Black difference…

Unlike other purse repairers, Baxter & Black uses custom-made paint and edge-paint, as well as an airbrush to layer on the colour.

Additional information

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