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Saphir Vernis Rife Patent Cleaner



Although patent leathers are some of the most beautiful with lustrous gloss shine, they can also be the hardest to care for. Saphir Vernis Rife Cleaner has been specifically designed to clean, nourish, protect against cracks and shine all patent leathers. All of this without using resins or silicones that can harm high-quality leathers.

Not only is Vernis Rife powerful enough to fix major damage, but it is also suitable for a regular patent leather care routine.

Saphir Vernis Rife Patent Leather Cleaner is the go-to product from some of the world’s finest designers including Hermes, Louis Vuitton and John Lobb.

Patent leather is a leather coating that has a high gloss finish. The coating process was introduced to the United States and improved by inventor Seth Boyden in 1818, with commercial manufacture beginning in 1819. Boyden’s process used a lacquer coating that was based on linseed oil. Modern patent leather usually has a plastic coating.

How to use

  1. Shake bottle well
  2. Apply sparingly with a cotton pad
  3. After a moment, buff to a shine with the enclosed cloth.

The technical stuff

  • For use on patent leather
  • Available in black and neutral
  • Safe to use on ladies handbags
  • Always test before use
  • Made in France.

Cobbler’s tip…

For the best result, paint liberally over your patent leather product and leave for thirty minutes before buffing off.

Additional information
Weight 220 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.2 × 15.5 cm

100 ml




Black, Neutral