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Vibram Mini Lug sole

Vibram Mini Lug sole and Mini Lug heel

These old and worn boots needed a much-loved and long-overdue makeover. After a discussion with the client, we decided on using a Vibram Mini Lug sole.

It’s a sure sign that when your heel block falls off your boot, it is time to come in and visit us at Baxter & Black. With heel block and boot in hand, this client came and saw us. With this in mind, we knew the new sole had to deal with large amounts of walking this person did. 

We chose the Vibram Mini Lug sole and the matching Vibram Lug heel block for their ultimate hard-wearing properties. Matching the two components of the Vibram sole and heel block together also meant that we had a sleek and natural-looking profile. The added benefit of good traction and durable rubber compound fitted into the customer’s specifications.

Our Process

  1. With most of the previous sole already falling off, it was an easy transition to get the old sole completely off.
  2. We then started the process of unpicking the old welt thread and recorking with our spreadable cork.
  3. Once the cork had bedded down, we glued the bottom of the boot and rough scoured the Vibram Mini Lug sole and cleaned it with acetone.
  4. The sole edge was carefully knife-cut to the welt edge.
  5. The area where the Lug heel block was to be placed onto the sole, was scoured then welt-stitched.
  6. We did the final sand of the sole-edge of the welt on the fine belt sander.
  7. The lug heel block was glued and fitted to the bottom. Buttress nails were used to secure the heel block firmly to the boot.
  8. Finally, we used Saphir 1925 Crème in Neutral to polish the boot, whilst retaining the patina of wear.
Vibram mini lug before

Vibram mini lug









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