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Boot restoration and recolour

When you try and fix things yourself, you always run the risk of getting in over your head. You don’t always know when to stop. The client had sanded the toe too aggressively. We needed to be artistic and do a boot restoration and recolour, working closely with the toe area.

Our process

  1. We had to take the time grade the colour of the boot because it was such a light colour. In that way, it blended into the rest.
  2. With the surface of the leather sanded away, we had to build layers of airbrushed paint. We built a consistent top layer by mixing the paint layers with a leather sealant. This meant we could begin to spray both toes and then blend upwards.
  3. Custom mixing the colour, we were able to achieve a graduated finish. We also blended patina colours of wear, down from the top of the boot. This kept the boot looking like it had that worn-in look. Final layers of sealant were applied and then the whole boot was polished with Saphir Crème 1925 Shoe Polish in Neutral.
  4. After finishing the colour, we sealed the colour in and nourished the leather boot using Saphir Medaille d’Or Mink Oil Polish. 
Shoe recolour before









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