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Rewaxing a jacket

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Rewaxing a Barbour Jacket with Barbour Thornproof Wax

Rewaxing a Jacket needs to be done every few years depending on wear. This client’s Barbour waxed canvas jacket was dull and needed a rewax. To test if your garment of needs rewaxing, there is a simple trick. Spray a little water on an area, and after a few minutes, test to see if the water has soaked through. It is isn’t still water-resistant, it’s time for a rewax. Rewaxing a Jacket generally needs to be done every few years, depending on how often it is worn.

Waxed canvas was developed to protect the Scottish fishermen from the elements in the 15th century. In recent years, it has become popular thanks to the same reason it was developed for, durability, water-resistance, but most importantly, it looks damn fine. Waxed canvas repels heavy rain, but will not be waterproof if submerged. In addition, the waxed canvas patinas over time, meaning scuffs, marks and creases give character which continues to develop with age.

Our Process

  1. Firstly, the jacket needed to be cleaned. We used a small sponge and cold water to wipe the outside of the jacket.
  2. The next step was to heat the Barbour Thornproof wax. We put a pot of boiling water on the burner. Once the water was boiling, we removed for the heat. Gently, we added the open tin of Barbour Thornporrof wax to the water. We let sit for twenty minutes.
  3. After the wax was softened, we used a small sponge to start working the wax into the jacket. We started at the back of the jacket, paying special attention to the seams, creases and dry areas. Importantly we avoided the inside and collar of the jacket.
  4. We wiped off any excess wax.
  5. Finally, we used heat to smooth out the waxed area.






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