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Baxter & Black

Rubberised Edge Paint

From $150.00


Working with the leader in Italian rubberised edge paint, we offer a wide palette of colours that we utilise to match the existing colours of your bag or item. When edging comes away, it exposes the open leather edges to wear and moisture. Consequently, this leads to a quicker breakdown of the handles and other items. For this reason, sealing them properly it prolongs the life of your items.

Most handbag handles have a paper core. When we overpack a bag it degrades this core resulting in the handle stretching and the rubberised edge paint falling away. Being careful about how much we pack into the bag, means the handle is under less strain. Alternatively, we can remake the strap with a solid leather core, so you can pack that bag to the brim.

Our process

  1. Firstly, we strip away the old edge paint and clean the surface.
  2. Secondly, we do initial layers of neutral edge paint to provide a sealing layer
  3. Finally, we build layers of the Italian rubberised edge paint and sand even each layer until you create a plump rounded edge

The technical stuff

The Baxter & Black difference…

We use high-quality edge paints with a large colour palette and specialist burnishing machines to create a strong and durable sealing edge.

Additional information

Baxter & Black