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Gucci sneaker repair

Gucci sneaker toe restoration

This is the story of when you love your cat, and your cat loves your new, brand new, Gucci sneakers. After some deliberation over if the kitty needed some time out, we decided to do a Gucci sneaker toe restoration. We would refinish the surface of both shoes on the toe area. As well as colour-match to the original white colour. The paint used was very thick, so we custom mixed our rubberized edge paint, with our normal paint and airbrushed light layers and sanded back until we were able to achieve a uniform finish.

Our Process

  1. Knowing that we would be stripping back both of the toes, we set about taking off the layers of paint.  We used fine sandpaper to remove the scratched up leather.
  2. Using our extensive paint palette, we were able to custom mix the white paint to match.
  3. Once the base leather on the toes of the sneakers was once again smooth, we set about building layers of paint with a fine airbrush onto the toe and blending the new paint up into the rest of the shoe.
  4. Utilising fine sandpaper and paint we were able to refinish the surface to an even texture. Furthermore, adding rubberized paint and sealant to the paint mix we were able to build a flexible and resilient topcoat of paint.
  5. After the layers of paint had cured we used Saphir Crème 1925 Shoe Polish in Neutral to provide a high shine to the finish of the shoe.
Gucci sneaker repair
Gucci sneaker repair

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