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Christian Louboutin Heel Repair

A customer brought in some peach silk Louboutins that she had scratched whilst out. With some discussion, we realised the only recourse was to do a Christian Louboutin Heel Repair. This meant having to recover both silk-wrapped heel blocks.

With this in mind, Baxter & Black source fabric locally for designer shoe and Christian Louboutin Heel Repairs. Additionally, we will search internationally and sometimes contact the manufacturer if the fabric or leather cannot be found locally.

Our Process

  1. To start, the real trick was going to be finding the right fabric.
  2. After taking off the heel block from the shoe we gently peeled away the fabric from the heel block. Importantly, we cleaned the fabric so we could identify the correct colour. We matched the fabric as shot silk and the colour as a cool peach. Therefore, we were able to contact our fabric suppliers and source the correct material.
  3. We had to clean the plastic heel block of all the old glue and then recoat it in glue suited to bond fabric.
  4. The fabric covering the heel block comprised of two layers. These included a basic fabric layer and the shot silk layer. We made up a new base layer and bonded that to the silk top layer. Additionally, we wrapped those two layers around the heel block. We straightened the fabric gently with the aid of heat to get the line of the fabric running down the back of the heel block correctly.
  5. After this, we re-affixed the heel block with the fabric covering back onto the shoe.
  6. We took special care to make sure no dirt or glue got onto the silk as we worked on the shoe. Our clear glue was used in putting the tail of the leather sole back down the inside of the heel block. We only had one try, and any glue that would have gotten onto the visible silk covering would have meant we would have had to start again. Finally, very careful placement of the glue meant we achieved a good bond with no glue spills.
  7. Looking like new, the customer was rapt.







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