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Christian Louboutin sole protector

Christian Louboutin Red sole protector

Our client wanted to have a Christian Louboutin Sole Protector added to her limited edition exotic skin Louboutins. Additionally, our client was concerned that they had nearly worn through the original sole. She was wanting to extend the life of them and change the look as little as possible. It needed to blend in with the rest of the shiny red Louboutin sole. Our Casali mirror sole protectors are the exact same colour and texture as the Christian Louboutin signature sole, and will always stay red.

With this in mind, having good wear resistance and a very close colour match, which is consistent all the way through the red gloss sole, this was a great choice.

The Baxter & Black Process

  1. We fitted the Casali red mirror sole below the line of wear on the original sole. This enabled us to seamlessly blend the red gloss sole onto the original sole.
  2. Just like our bag edges, we used our specialist edge-paints to paint the edges black. In order to be per the original, and seal the surface.
  3. Finally, after a clean with Saphir Reptan Reptile Leather Conditioner, the exotic skin was cleaned of built-up dirt and was ready to go out and turn heads.
Christian Louboutin red bottoms
Christian Louboutin red bottoms



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