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Bally flats sole protector

Bally flats with Casali silk sole protector

A casual pair of Bally slip-on shoes that the lady wanted a discreet Casali silk sole protector fitted. We chose the nude silk sole that had a similar colour match and blends into the existing sole. There are no logos on our sole protectors, leaving you to enjoy the original aspects of the items.

Our Casali silk selection of sole protectors provide a muted colour scheme that blends in into the rest of the sole. They are available in three colours, including black, dark brown, and beige. We also stock Casali soles in a mirror finish including an exact match to the Louboutin red. The Casali silk sole protectors provide traction and durability. They give you confidence in wearing your shoes throughout the day. The Casli sole protectors are super thin without distracting branding or tread.

Our Process

  1. We carefully cut the graft line for the silk sole into the leather sole of the Bally flats. Additionally, we sanded the bottom of the Casali silk nude sole protector. 
  2. After this, we added the first layer of glue onto the Bally sole. The leather sole is absorbent and needs two layers of glue to ensure a good bond.
  3. We added glue to the Casili silk sole protector and a second layer to the Bally shoe surface. Both components were lest aside to cure. 
  4. After the two parts had cured, both surfaces were re-activated with heat. As well as that, we then bonded them together with light hand pressure.
  5. Finally, we carefully hand-trimmed the excess Casili silk soling to the shape of the original Bally sole. We then hand burnished the leather sole edge and newly fitted Casali silk sole edge. Doing this ensures the leather edge achieves a sleek and aesthetically pleasing glossy sealed edge.

Bally flats sole protector before

Bally flats sole protector



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